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January 2016 will mark the beginning of our brand new Referral Program in which we will donate to a local charity for each referral that we receive. The objective of the program is to help​ our local Non-profit organizations.



  • For each referral (a referral will be counted as a person who contacts our office, receives a quote and mentions you by name), we will send a “Thank You” email which will also ask you to choose your favorite charity category (animal shelter, child education, cancer, women’s shelters, etc.).

  • We will keep track of the results for an annual period each year, and then at the end of each contribution period we will make a donation to a charity from the category with the most votes.

  • The winning charities will be announced at the end of the year.

  • In addition to the monetary donation, we will also volunteer a full day of our time at the winning charity. All clients will be informed of the date and time which we will be volunteering as we would love for you all to join us!


**Please note that we sell insurance in four states, and therefore have to follow all laws and regulations for each state. As such, we cannot specify a uniform monetary amount for each referral. **

The goal is to donate to local and national charities, improve our communities and make a difference in the coming years!


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